Connect with us Founder Alki David Vindicated By RIAA’s Denouncement Of Cnet/’s Practices

DAILY SHOCK Founder Alki David Vindicated By RIAA’s Denouncement Of Cnet/’s Practices

In 2011, billionaire founder/CEO Alki David filed one lawsuit against CBS Interactive, then refiled with a group of over 100 artists and copyright holders. The lawsuit claims damages from “over [1000] copyrighted works pirated by millions of online users who were induced and indoctrinated by CNET/ staff in a culture that fostered online privacy,” according to the press release. Now, David is being vindicated.

The RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) is now accusing CBS-owned CNET/ of “vicarious liability by distributing known piracy tools.”

David and The Artists For Justice Coalition’s representation Jamie Marquart from the law firm Baker Marquart, representing Alki David and The Artists For Justice Coalition, said, “[T]he recent quotes from the RIAA and recent legal precedent are finally catching up to the reality of the market. Those that promote and disseminate the tools of infringement are the guiltiest of all.”

David also said, “[O]ur arguments show that time after time CNET reporters and commentators promoted and endorsed the use of known pirating tools such as Limewire, Frostwire, Bittorrent and many others. Furthermore we will show how CNET actually hosted embedded links directly from their web pages to download thousands upon thousands of songs from artists such as Snoop Dogg, Britney Spears and many many more.”

On July 2, a federal court hearing will be held in Los Angeles at the request of CBS’ lawyers to have the case of Alki David et al. vs. CBS Interactive/CNET dismissed. However, David is very confident in his case against CBS, saying, “[W]e have heaps of video and recorded evidence showing that CNET reporters and editors induced millions upon millions of online users to pirate known copyrighted works, so much of which belong to our coalition, including myself.”

You can learn more about the lawsuit and watch videos concerning the suit by going to

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