Eve to Adam got started around 2001 when Sassaris and his brother Alex moved from Florida to New York.
“We moved from Florida in early 1999 to New York City to find a guitar player where we got connected with Gaurav Bali from New Jersey,” he said. “The core of this band has been together for almost 11 years now, since we released the first album in 2001.”

The band’s sound comes from their love for the rock bands of the ’80s and ’90s. “Guns and Roses, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, Stone Temple Pilots…Nine Inch Nails, Foo Fighters…big rock, big choruses, great instrumentalists and passionate performances,that’s always what I’ve gravitated towards,” said Sassaris.

For those who are looking for the sound of hardcore, old-school rock to make a comeback, look to Eve to Adam to bring it back.

“With the exception of bands that have broken in in the last decade, you don’t hear a lot of hard rock bands that are breaking through like they used to,” said Sassaris. “And it seems to be that…rock radio is kind of stagnant. [T]here’s a lot of things going on in the alternative world, but for hard rock and heavy rock, the genre has been kind of squeezed and there doesn’t seem to be much of an outlet for it anymore, the way it used to be. From the time that I grew up, kind of in the heyday in the early ’90s, things used to be much different. It seems to be resurging…but it’s taking a while. It’s not quite the numbers it used to be. The one reason I love doing this is to bring back the level of passion this music used to have. I just hope I bring it back to where I first fell in love with it. That’s one of the things that keeps us going.”

The title for Eve to Adam’s latest CD, “Banquet for a Starving Dog,” is a metaphor on two levels, according to Sassaris. We’ve been doing this on our own for a long time…pushing through, trying to overcome a lot of obstacles to put music out there. It’s certainly not easy when you have to invest in yourself and get other people’s investment and then have people steal the music. So for a band like us to survive, like a starving dog in a sense…it’s a two part metaphor,” he said. “One–the music on the album; we felt we put out a really solid album with a lot of songs…we pride ourselves on making full-length albums. It’s a journey, it’s [like] a portal you can step into and take yourself away from everything.”

The other part of the metaphor stems from the business side of the band. “[I]t’s been the best time in our career as far as management and label goes–that’s the banquet part in a sense. The people who have taken this band on have given us a great opportunity by bringing to the table instruments and weapons we never had [as far as] support, organization and follow through…”

Sassaris said one of the band’s weak areas has been strengthened by their label. “The reason we’ve had such difficult times is because we’ve never had the right people…[W]e’ve worked so hard to get to this point, and it’s a real blessing to find Ian Joskowitz and George Zoitas from 3For5 Entertainment,” he said. “The way they have really taken this band on and believed it from the beginning is something you don’t really see in the industry anymore as far as the level of commitment and loyalty and follow through. It’s personal to them,and that’s something that’s amazing.”

Eve to Adam just got through with a touring stint, and now they’re ready to get back on the road with Halestorm. “It’s a great feeling,” said Sassaris when talking about touring with Halestorm. “We recently just got off the road with Creed, so the majority of 2012 we’ve been on tour, opening for one band or another. To have worked so hard to get some respect and notoriety and to have it paid back to us by getting the opportunity to tour with a band like Halestorm, is an amazing feeling. It really shows that if you put your best foot forward work as hard as you can and give everything you have, good things do come back. And the opporutnity to tour with Halestrom is definitely a representation to that.”

Sassaris promises fans who come to a concert hardcore rock. “I think it’s going to be a great bill,” he said. “You’ll get more bang for your buck in this show. Between us and Halestrom, it’s going to be a rock onslaught. High adrenaline, theatrics, passion, sweat and volume, and that’s what rock and roll is.”

Below are the tour dates for Eve to Adam:

Nov 8 Mobile, AL- Soul Kitchen
Nov 9 Houston, TX- Fitzgerald’s
Nov 10 San Antonio, TX- Backstage Live
Nov 12 Tempe, AZ- Marquee Theatre
Nov 13 Los Angeles, CA- House Of Blues
Nov 14 Chico, CA- Senator Theater
Nov 16 San Francisco, CA- Slim’s
Nov 17 Sacramento, CA- Ace of Spades
Nov 18 Reno, NV- Knitting Factory
Nov 23 Portland, OR- Hawthorne Theatre
Nov 24 Seattle, WA- El Corazon
Nov 25 Spokane, WA- Knitting Factory
Nov 27 Jackson, WY- Pink Garter Theatre
Nov 29 Denver, CO- Summit Music Hall
Nov 30 Omaha, NE- Sokol Auditorium
Dec 1 Sauget, IL- Pop’s
Dec 3 Sioux Falls, SD- The Vault
Dec 4 Minneapolis, MN- First Avenue
Dec 5 Madison, WI- Majestic Theatre
Dec 7 South Bend, IN- Club Fever
Dec 8 Royal Oak, MI- Royal Oak Music Theatre
Dec 10 Richmond, VA- The National
Dec 11 Knoxville, TN- Valarium
Dec 12 Asheville, NC- Orange Peel
Dec 14 Charleston, SC- Music Farm
Dec 15 Orlando, FL- Hard Rock Live

By Monique Jones

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