“Prometheus” has landed on DVD and Blu-ray, and while us humans don’t know about aliens yet, that doesn’t mean that Earth doesn’t have strange creatures! Check out this feature about Earth’s more interesting beings.


Unlike LV-223 in Prometheus, aliens don’t quite live among us on Earth (yet!) but there are several animal creatures that very much resemble alien life forms. Take a look at these alien-like creatures that dwell on our own planet.

Rose Slug

During its larval stage, the sawfly is considered a Rose Slug that looks much like a caterpillar except they have six or more pairs of prolegs on the abdomen (caterpillars have five or fewer), and also, they have two stemmata instead of a caterpillar’s six. They feed on a variety of plant life and are often the culprits for chewed up rose bushes in the summer.

Axolotl Salamander

Commonly used in scientific research due to their ability to regenerate limbs, larvae of this species fail to undergo metamorphosis, so the adults remain aquatic and gilled. The species originates from numerous lakes, such as Lake Xochimilco underlying Mexico City. Sadly, as of 2010, wild axolotls have been deemed near extinction due to urbanization in Mexico City and polluted waters.

Japanese Spider Crab

The Japanese Spider Crab is a species of marine crab lives in the waters around Japan. It has the largest leg span of any arthropod (an invertebrate animal having an external skeleton, a segmented body, and jointed appendages), reaching up to an astounding 12 feet and weighing up to 41 pounds.

Pygmy Three-Toed Sloth

The pygmy three-toed sloth, also known as a monk sloth or dwarf sloth, is a small three-toed sloth, native to a small island off the coast of Panama called Isla Escudo de Veraguas. They have only been distinguished as a separate species since 2001, when they were thought to have originated from isolation of individuals of the mainland population of brown-throated three-toed sloths.

Flower Hat Jelly

The exotic-looking flower hat jelly is a rare species of jellyfish that primarily lives off the coasts of Brazil, Argentina, and southern Japan. It is characterized by luminous tentacles that coil and adhere to its rim. It’s not a very large creature at about six inches and while its sting is painful, it’s not lethal.

Harlequin Shrimp

This species of saltwater shrimp is found at coral reefs in the tropical Indian and Pacific oceans. They reach about 5 centimeters (2.0 in) in length, live in pairs and feed exclusively on starfish. Using scent for detection, upon finding their prey, they will overturn it to dine on the starfish’s delicate tube feet.


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By Monique Jones

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