“New Horizons” has been reviewed by ShockYa as being another triumph for rock band Flyleaf, and for many fans, it’ll probably be the ultimate album seeing how it’s the final one Lacey Sturm took up her lead singing mantle before leaving the band.

If you’re a hardcore fan who wants a piece of Flyleaf history, you might want to try your luck at winning an autographed edition of “New Horizons.” You can see a picture of the prize below.

In order to win the CD, here’s what you have to do. Just follow us @Shockya and tweet us the phrase, “@Shockya is giving away an autographed New Horizons CD from Flyleaf! Follow and RT to enter!” You can tweet us every day until December 14 in order to enter, and we’ll pick the winner at random.

ShockYa has more Flyleaf coverage; we were not only able to review the CD, but we were also able to interview bassist Kirkpatrick Seals about the future of the band, the creative process and more. Here’s a sample:

I guess not counting how fans are reacting to the change in frontpeople, but how has fan reaction been overall? I’ve read how a lot of fans say how certain songs have helped them through tough periods. How have the fans treated y’all overall?

Seals: The way the fans have treated us through this process is kind of to be expected. A lot of people were gracious when they heard the news about Lacey. We had a lot of people on Twitter saying “We support you guys” and “We’re sad but we’re looking forward to the future,” things like that. That’s been a comfort, to hear that a lot of people still want to hear Flyleaf….There are definitely some people who are like, “I’m done,” they don’t want to hear it, but…I think we’ll get new fans through this process and see how it turns out.

Click here to read the whole interview and click here to read the album review.

Flyleaf New Horizons Autographs

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