Spike TV’s VGA 10, the network’s tenth annual live televised event to celebrate the best in video games, is airing December 7, and the hosts from years past are celebrating by playing against each other!

Check out this promo for the video game award show featuring Neil Patrick Harris, Zachary Levi, Snoop Lion and this year’s host, Samuel L. Jackson.

VGA 10 will not only air on Spike TV December 7 at 9 ET/6 PT, but will also be simulcast on MTV2, MTV Tr3s, and Live Stream on Spike.com, GameTrailers.com and Xbox Live. Exclusive world premieres, such as music performances by Linkin Park and Tenacious D will take place, and with the U.S. Xbox LIVE stream of the event, fans will be able to “play” the show as it happens live in Los Angeles. Playing options include poll questions and a second-screen experience for Xbox Smartglass users.

“This unprecedented partnership with Xbox will make VGA 10 the biggest worldwide gaming event ever; we’re thrilled to be the first awards show presented on Xbox where our fans play every day,” said Casey Patterson, Executive Producer of the VGAs and Executive Vice President of Production for Entertainment Group. “There is no more innovative producer than Mark Burnett to engage the fans on a whole new level in our big anniversary year.”

Mark Burnett, Executive Producer of the Video Game Awards, also said, “I am blown away by how cool Xbox LIVE is. It brings the VGAs to gamers in a completely new and innovative way. Now viewers will not only watch the show but actually interact with it and our host Samuel L. Jackson in real time like a video game, creating a 360 degree conversation between the VGAs and all of the fans watching at the same time. And the only thing cooler than Xbox is Samuel L. Jackson.”

“Xbox makes your entertainment more amazing, and we can’t wait to team up with Viacom and Mark Burnett to make the VGAs the first-ever interactive TV awards show to be broadcast on Xbox LIVE,” said Marc Whitten, Corporate Vice President, Interactive Entertainment Business, Microsoft. “Our teams are working together to create a groundbreaking interactive TV experience that will turn VGA viewers into VGA participants.”

Hosts From the Past Enjoy Video Games
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