The announcement of the Golden Globe nominations next Thursday, December 13th, is most notable as a movie awards season starter along with the Screen Actors Guild nominations one day earlier. But it’s also an important showcase of the best in television, and the first time that many series begun in 2012 are able to compete. SAG voters tend to be less friendly to freshman shows than the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, which last year nominated seven new shows in its best series races. Here’s a look at shows that premiered in 2012 that have a shot at earning their first Golden Globe nominations next week, starting with those that premiered in the first half of 2012 and have already had a shot at the Emmys.

House of Lies (Showtime)

This dark comedy didn’t make much of a splash with Emmy voters, who nominated only lead actor Don Cheadle. Showtime tends to fare better with Golden Globe voters, however, who have nominated five of the network’s shows in the Best TV Series – Comedy/Musical race, which means that this one has a good shot too.

Scandal (ABC)

Despite the fact that she announced the Emmy nominations, star Kerry Washington wasn’t nominated. Her performance as a scarily efficient fixer should have an easier chance being recognized here, since it’s the kind of role that Globe voters tend to like, though it’s far from guaranteed.

Girls (HBO)

This controversial comedy hit it big with Emmy nominations, and there’s no reason to expect that Globe voters, who like hip, young actresses, won’t be equally eager. Lena Dunham is close to a sure thing, and the show will likely be nominated in the series race as well.

Veep (HBO)

This satirical political comedy won lead actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus a Best Actress Emmy and also got nominated for Best Comedy Series. Its clever wit should be just what Globe voters want to recognize, and Louis-Dreyfus is just as historically popular with them as she is with Emmy voters.

The Newsroom (HBO)

Eight HBO series have been nominated in the Best TV Series – Drama category over the past fifteen years. Aaron Sorkin’s dramatization of a news show is sure to be the ninth, given voters’ previous enthusiasm for all of Sorkin’s shows, including “Sports Night” and “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip.” Count Jeff Daniels in, and maybe Sam Waterston and Emily Mortimer too.

The New Normal (NBC) & Go On (NBC)

Last year was the first time since 1980 that no NBC comedy was nominated for Best TV Series – Comedy/Musical. Voters used to love “Will & Grace,” so “The New Normal” is a likely contender to take its spot. Stars Andrew Rannells and Ellen Barkin are good bets too. Matthew Perry was never nominated for a Globe for “Friends,” but he is a past nominee for “The Ron Clark Story,” and he’s almost guaranteed to net his first series nomination this year.

The Mindy Project (FOX)

Fox doesn’t have a very reliable track record in this category, but last year’s newcomer “New Girl” fared well, so this similar series should too. A series bid is unlikely, but star Mindy Kaling will probably be nominated for her performance.

Vegas (CBS)

This period drama is a longshot at best, but its two stars have Globe history. Dennis Quaid has been nominated twice, and Michael Chiklis has three nominations and a win. Competition is strong, however, so don’t bank on either popping up.

Elementary (CBS)

Sherlock Holmes is a force to be reckoned with, and, when Globe voters were last faced with an interpretation, Robert Downey Jr. won for his film version. Jonny Lee Miller might prove popular enough, but enthusiasm for the classic detective is likely to go to Benedict Cumberbatch for the British miniseries “Sherlock.”

Nashville (ABC)

This hit music-centric drama has two popular actresses who might both contend. Despite three Emmy nominations, Connie Britton has yet to be a Globe nominee. This is her first shot, and she may be joined by costar Hayden Panettiere. A Best TV Series – Drama nod is possible too.

By Abe Fried-Tanzer

Nashville Girls

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