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Take A Listen To The “Safe Haven” Soundtrack


Take A Listen To The “Safe Haven” Soundtrack

As I get older, the stoic front I often displayed during emotional movies has begun to dissipate. Until this past year, “We Are Marshall” and “My Sister’s Keeper”, were the only films I surrendered a tear to. Yes, back then I was part of that crew who did not cry in “A Walk To Remember” or “The Notebook”.

No longer bragging about my unaffected self, I am now proud when touching movies bring out my waterworks, but I credit the sentimental response solely to the movie’s soundtrack. Horror movies without music would be a breeze to watch and romantic films without climactic music would leave a viewer without crying cues.

So, Nicholas Sparks’ “Safe Haven”, I dare you to relinquish the tears. Relativity Music Group and Republic Record’s original motion picture soundtrack for “Safe Haven” is now available for pre-order on iTunes.The soundtrack, which will drop on February 5th, features the track, “We Both Know”, from Colbie Caillat and Gavin DeGraw. While Caillat has slowly been growing on me, I have been a loyal fan of Degraw since his “One Tree Hill” days, except for his less than stellar performance on “Dancing With The Stars”. You can watch the duo perform the original song in their recently released music video.

The “Safe Haven” soundtrack also features Tristan Prettyman, Ben Howard, Dar Williams, The White Buffalo, Gareth Dunlop, Sara Haze, Amos Lee, Brandi Carlile, The Deep Dark Woods and Deborah Lurie. Since Mandy Moore isn’t taking on a Switchfoot song in this soundtrack, the “Safe Haven” eclectic bunch left me fully satisfied. With just one listen through the upcoming movie’s soundtrack, I thought, “oh, crap will my Sparks non-emotional streak finally be ended?”

Remember to check out the film, starring Josh Duhamel and Julianne Hough”, on Valentines Day!

Official Poster and Trailer for Romance Film Safe Haven Released

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