The theme of “Star Trek Into Darkness” seems to be, to paraphrase director JJ Abrams, “upping the ante.” There’s a lot in this post to show you. Firstly, there’s a new motion poster that actually makes good use of the motion picture technology. Not only do we get the aforementioned motion, but we get Benedict Cumberbatch’s ominous voiceover, actual camera range and, quite honestly, a small narrative. That’s more than I’ve seen other motion posters do.

There’s also a first-look featurette to check out below the post. Abrams and the cast talk about how much bigger and more epic “Star Trek Into Darkness” is going to be. There’s explosions, fireworks, someone dunking something in a glass, Spock falling out of a tall building and Uhura looking to join the action.

Also, some news to pass on–if you don’t already have the “Star Trek” mobile app, go get it for either iPhone or Android. App users can already buy their tickets exclusively through the app.

“Star Trek Into Darkness” will be in select theaters in IMAX 3D May 15 and in theaters everywhere May 17. Make sure to go to the “Star Trek Into Darkness” website, Twitter (#StarTrek #IntoDarkness) and Facebook page to learn more about the film.

Star Trek Into Darkness poster

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