If you’re an astute viewer of “Merlin,” you might have noticed that there’s been a slight change in schedule. Here’s what you can expect going forward:

Syfy will air all five of the final episodes of “Merlin,” on successive Fridays in May, including the May sweeps period. Starting May 3, the new episodes of the fantasy-drama will air at 10 pm Fridays, including “With All My Heart,” the episode that was originally scheduled to air this week.

As you may have seen yesterday, Syfy has announced a schedule change for the popular fantasy-drama MERLIN, which has been enjoying a successful fifth and final season. Here’s more about what you can expect going forward.

“As tens of millions of fans in more than 180 countries worldwide know, MERLIN is one of the most magical series on TV. The five final episodes of MERLIN bring to an amazing close the story of the young warlock whose destiny is to protect the king and help lead the legendary Camelot to greatness. The final two-part episode, “The Diamond of the Day,” will air Friday, May 24, and Friday, May 31.”

What do you think about the changes? Give your opinions about the final epsiodes in the comments section below.

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