Hey there Baseball fans, ever wish you could be in the Big Leagues? Now you can, for exactly six seconds. The folks from MLB 13: The Show, released earlier this month for the PS3 and Vita,  surprised some of its game fans by showing off their new Vine Video Cards with an artist designed custom animated baseball card featuring them cracking the bat and rounding the bases to score a home-run for their favorite team, modeled after each of their likenesses as a game sprite using their face from their Twitter photos. These custom cards utilize Vine and are the first of their kind.

Experience the thrill of having your own six second a highlight reel complete with the audio of roaring fans cheering as you knock the ball out of the park that you can share easily with friends, foes, and fans. If you’d rather sit it out in the stands for an inning and grab a hot dog and get wound up for next week’s Opening Day you can also share Vine Video Cards with highlights from some of your favorite players and teams.

MLB 13: The Show is the newest installment of this quality franchise featuring in-game commentators giving real time play by plays, and brings slightly more accessible game play this time round with longer time windows for batters to connect with the ball, metered throwing,  and improved physics.

Check out the Vine Cards in action here:



By Laura Gaddy

MLB 13 The Show

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