The release of “Evil Dead” is finally less than a week away, so the promotional material is pouring in now more so than ever. In addition to the social media countdown, new TV spots, and WonderCon appearance, there’s also a brand new poster floating around and it’s even more than most. Not only does the design feature an ominous image with that eerie red hue, but a bright yellow quote from yours truly.

Earlier this month I had the pleasure of catching the “Evil Dead” world premiere at SXSW and, well, it absolutely blew me away. Really, I stand by that quote in the poster and look forward to letting “Evil Dead” blow me away yet again come April 5th. The film may be a little light on plot and character development, but appropriately so, because director Fede Alvarez wins big by giving his mesmerizingly aesthetic blood and guts the spotlight.

Jane Levy does put on a good show as Mia, a young woman who’s taken to a remote cabin in the woods by her brother and friends, and forced to kick her drug habit, but much more so than getting clean or rekindling relationships, “Evil Dead” is about watching those involved literally get ripped apart.

Check out in the new “Evil Dead” poster below and be sure to catch all the carnage for yourself when the film gets its wide release on Friday, April 5th.

By Perri Nemiroff

Evil Dead Poster with Quote

By Perri Nemiroff

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