The upcoming thriller ‘CLONED: The Recreator Chronicles’ is reinventing the sci-fi genre with a new official poster and stills. The film, which was directed and written by Gregory Orr, is set to be distributed on VOD by Recreator Labs on April 23. It stars ‘Starlet’s Stella Maeve, ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Alexander Nifong, ‘We Need to Talk About Kevin’s Jamal Mallory-McCree and ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’s John de Lancie.

‘CLONED: The Recreator Chronicles’ follows Tracy (Maeve), Craig (Nifong) and Derek (Mallory-Mcree) as they stumble upon an abandoned laboratory during a camping trip. They accidentally trigger a deadly experiment that creates their clones, which are superior duplicates who plot to kill the three friends and take over their identities. Trapped by their captors, the teenagers discover they are no match for their physically stronger and faster clones. Their only hope is to unlock the secret of the Recreator, the scientist behind the experiments, in order to escape with their lives before they’re replace.

The film will serve as the opening chapter in a sci-fi franchise about identity and the threat of replacement. ‘CLONED: The Recreator Chronicles’ is rooted in science-fiction realism and psychological terror that merges anxious paranoia and teenage angst.

For more information on ‘CLONED: The Recreator Chronicles,’ visit the film’s official website and Facebook page. Check out the official poster and stills from the movie below.

CLONED The Recreator Chronicles Recreating Sci-Fi with Official Poster

CLONED The Recreator Chronicles-Tracy shares clothes with clone

CLONED The Recreator Chronicles Dr. Miller Attacking Tracy

CLONED The Recreator Chronicles Derek Confronts Clone

Written by: Karen Benardello

By Karen Benardello

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