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Paw Warz Takes Kittens To A Galaxy Far, Far Away


Paw Warz Takes Kittens To A Galaxy Far, Far Away

A while ago, “Star Wars” fans had a divide develop between them when Disney not only announced their acquisition of LucasFilm, but also their decision to create brand new “Star Wars” films. It was getting brutal for a couple of weeks, but now things have died down. Now, though, I wonder what “Star Wars” fans will think of the adorable “Paw Warz,” coming from YouTube pet video channel Pet Collective. No doubt they’ll probably be more excited by this take on their beloved film series.

“Paw Warz” combines the cutesy factor found in kitten videos with the space opera stylings of one of George Lucas’ greatest creations. In this spoof, the rebel kittens are fighting against the evil Dog Side. All of your favorite characters get punny names like See 3-Meow, Chewbarkah and Arrf Vader. Even the planets have been transformed, named Catooine, Dogobath, Cornish Rexia and Komondor.

The trailer for the web series is below. You can learn more about “Paw Warz” at its official site, the Pet Collective’s YouTube page and the Pet Collective Facebook page. What do you think about “Paw Warz”? Are you ready to be assaulted with cute puppies and kittens? Give your opinions in the comments section below.


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