Guido is ready to do your dirty work in New Jersey, but be careful of how he operates; when he gets involved in business, body counts tend to rise. The unfortunate consequences of what happens when the wrong people get in Guido’s way will be on full display starting on Tuesday. Director Colin Campbell‘s independent action film, ‘Guido,’ starring Alki David, Ron Jeremy, Billy Zane and Gary Busey, arrives on home release, including DVD via FilmOn Home Video and VOD on

‘Guido’ follows the title character (David), an Iraqi immigrant-turned-New Jersey hit man. After finding himself in the middle of a deal gone awry, Guido is then assigned to transport the body of the man he was meant to protect across the country. Before he’s off to get the job done, his elderly landlady, Maria (Lupe Ontiveros), blackmails him into taking her along for the ride. With Maria beside him, and several Albanian assassins and the FBI in pursuit, Guido’s mission turns into an experience that forces him to confront his past and, ultimately, find hope in the future.

Jeremy generously took the time to talk about shooting ‘Guido’ over the phone while promoting the action film. Among other things, the actor discussed how he accepted his character as a ship captain after Campbell approached him with the role, in part because he wanted to gain more experience in mainstream films; how he appreciated David’s writing and portrayal of an immigrant desperately seeking an opportunity to truly make it in America; and despite the film having a limited budget, the cast and crew worked closely together to create an action packed, believable movie.

Jeremy stated that he’s interested in acting in more mainstream narrative films, particularly action, after gaining experience in the genre with such movies as the cult classic ‘The Boondock Saints’ and ‘Ronin.’ While he only appears in a cameo role in ‘Gudio,’ he chronicled how he was drawn to his ship captain character as the story has “a lot of deaths in it. It’s like ‘Boondock Saints,’ with a lot of guns.”

While the action genre is an area where the actor is gaining experience and enjoys acting in, Jeremy said that he partly took on the role because Campbell approached him with the part. Jeremy added he wasn’t “going to lie and say I took on the role only because I love independent cinema; they sent me a script and I said ‘I like to work. I’m an actor.’” The actor also said he felt he could have taken on any of the characters in ‘Gudio’ if given the chance, as he feels the film features a good story and daring stunts for an independent film.

Besides the fact that he found the action film to be “a great opportunity to work on a mainstream film, particularly with such well-known actors as Billy and Gary,” Jeremy also said that he was interested in working with David, as both his co-star and the screenwriter. The filmmaker is a “really nice guy, who worked hard to put up all the money for the film.” Jeremy praised the screenwriter and actor for his dedication to creating and authentically portraying an authentic character. Jeremy added that he enjoyed watching David explore the motivations of the title character, an American immigrant who’s not only forced to contend with his past mistakes, but also struggle with overcoming the obstacles in the way of obtaining the future he wants.

Jeremy also praised Campbell’s ability to creatively bring David’s action sequences to the screen. Despite the film’s limited budget and short shooting schedule, and the fact that it was the helmer’s second feature film directorial effort, the cast and crew effectively brought the story to life. “Everyone believed in Alki’s script, and the story he was trying to tell,” the actor explained.

Jeremy added that he’s supportive of David streaming the film on his website,, which streams television series and movies online. He said he feels it’s an “innovative way for audiences to experience independent films on the Internet, which they may not have been able to have seen otherwise.”

Appreciative of the diverse cast and the intriguing story and action sequences David and Campbell infused into the script, Jeremy happily took part in shooting ‘Gudio.’ Despite only having a cameo role in the action film, the actor truly embraced the experience of working with a talented and accomplished cast and crew to focus on creating a unique premise that truly highlights everyone’s abilities.

Written by: Karen Benardello

Ron Jeremy in Guido

By Karen Benardello

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