In retrospect, this band should have been Shockya’s “Artist Of The Week” months ago because I have been continuously playing their infectious self-titled EP since Rolling Stone featured the outfit during this year’s SXSW. I am not sure why I withheld this duo from you, Shockya readers, but better late than never.

Say hello to Gus + Scout. Let’s get one thing straight before continuing: Both Gus Wenner and Scout Willis come from “famous families”, but their talent is irrefutable no matter how much more viable their connections are to the music industry. Scout Willis (daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore) and Gus Wenner (son of “Rolling Stone founder, Jann Wenner) released their debut EP, “Gus + Scout” back in August of 2012 via Press Hear Music. Comprised of 5 tracks, “Gus + Scout” is simply jaw dropping with its organically vulnerable vocals and positively uncanny instrumental arrangements. I can guarantee that you won’t find another band to compare these two with. Gus + Scout are true originals in the interbreeding ways of the music world.

Led by the single, “Gone, Gone, Gone”, the EP is mostly fronted by the unrefined vocals of Willis. Her unpredictable pitch is well balanced by Bell’s lower-registered and calming vocals, proving them to be the ideal tag team. Their debut is rounded out by the equally catchy tunes, “Don’t Bother You Much”, “I’d Do Anything For You”, “Guilty Man” and “Big Love From Big Sur”. Simply put, the EP radiates effortless beauty within chaotic arrangements.

I’m addicted to Gus + Scout and promise you will be too.

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