Title: Help!…It’s The Hair Bear Bunch!

Running Time: 328 Minutes (2 Discs- 16 episodes), Unrated (TVG)

Special Features: None

Hanna-Barbera Classic Collection released the entire series of Help!…It’s the Hair Bear Bunch on DVD. A show about a trio of bears from the Wonderland Zoo who manage to evade their inept zookeepers and go on wacky adventures, and its up to the zookeepers to keep the mischief under control.

I felt whomever performed the DVD transfer neglected to check on the audio quality.  The background music is really loud and you can barely hear the inane dialogue.

I don’t remember this show, but I’m told by those in my age bracket that the reruns were on the air when we were kids. I would’ve liked a little bit of back story with the first few episodes that I did watch. Who gave  “Hair Bear” a blonde afro? Why does Hair Bear wear a belt, but no pants? How do the bears have a tricked out bachelor pad? Who stocks their fridge? This show had to have been dreamed up on an acid trip or they were smoking some really good weed. I didn’t get it, and to me it was just a Yogi Bear ripoff.  A few of the animals in the zoo resembled & sounded like Magilla Gorilla, Top Cat and Snagglepus, so why didn’t they just do a crossover Yogi Bear show if they wanted to do one about bears? In my opinion, Help!…It’s The Hair Bear Bunch! was incredibly stupid an my sympathies go out to all you kids from the 70’s who had nothing else to watch.  Nostalgia fanatics on the other hand will eat this up.

Total Rating: C-

Reviewed by: JM WIllis

Help Its The Hair Bear Bunch Complete Series

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