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‘Contracted’: Meet Samantha In This New Promo Clip


‘Contracted’: Meet Samantha In This New Promo Clip

We all reached that point in our lives where we became sexually active and had “the talk” about the dangers of physical intimacy. Parents and teachers always crossed their fingers, hoping that we would take heed of that advice, and most of us do. There are a few of us who fall through one of the traps that sex has to offer, and poor Samantha is dealing with just that in the upcoming horror-thriller “Contracted.”

Najarra Townsend stars as Samantha, our inexperienced young girl who takes part in a one night stand that ends with her receiving a sexually transmitted disease. If only that were the end of the story. It just so happens that Samantha has contracted something a little bit more deadly as the story plays on. What exactly is it? We’re not sure, but we want to see “Contracted” soon to find out. Either way it looks terrifying and a fantastic reminder to always play it safe whenever you get into the sack with another person.

“Contracted” will be available on VOD and iTunes on November 22nd. Check out this cool and creepy new promo clip below and let us know what you think!

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