Do you want a talented celebrity chef to cook for you? If you’re like the majority of folks out there, you probably never even considered that you might have the chance to book your favorite celebrity chef. But with Bravo and Kitchit, you just might have your wish granted.

According the Hollywood Reporter, Bravo is now renting out “Top Chef” contestants as caterers. The network is partnering with Kitchit, an online startup service that allows customers to book some of the nation’s most celebrated chefs for catering, cooking lessons and home dining. Kitchit’s roster now includes more than 30 of the former “Top Chef” contestants, so if you’re a fan of the show, you now have the opportunity to personally taste their food. The website is currently providing their services in Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco and New York.

Bravo and Oxygen Media’s executive vp marketing, Ellen Stone, said how excited the company is to provide their fans with the chance to have their favorite chef cook for them. “Our passionate ‘Top Chef’ fans are always asking us for the chance to immerse themselves in the taste and feel of the show,” she said. “…[P]artnering with Kitchit is the perfect way to deliver on this request.”

You can read more about this at The Hollywood Reporter.


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By Monique Jones

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