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Ryan Gosling set for epic Berkeley Biopic


Ryan Gosling set for epic Berkeley Biopic

Hollywood megastar Ryan Gosling is set to bring a major new biopic to the big screen.

In a surprising move, the young heartthrob is set to play a major role in celebrating Busby Berkeley’s life story on celluloid. Gosling is partnering with Warner Brothers for the project.

Gosling will not only produce ‘Berkeley, Buzz: The Life And Art Off Busby Berkeley’ but he is also now looking likely to star in the title.

Busby Berkeley was a director, choreographer and Hollywood creative legend. He was renowned for such films as 42nd Street, Dames, Gold Diggers Of 1933 and Hollywood Hotel. He also choreographed the Scarecrow’s movement in The Wizard Of Oz.

Gosling is due to start work on the project upon completion of How To Catch A Monster, his hotly anticipated directorial debut.

Mr. Gosling, so much more than a pretty face, is enjoying a rather remarkable 2014.


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