Superstar rapper Drake is facing a furious rebellion in the UK as ‘hundreds of fans a night’ are being turned away from his Brit shows for holding counterfeit tickets.

Fans of the Canadian star have paid high prices for tickets that sellers advertised as authentic. Questions have been raised about the security prevention measures in place for such a prominent series of shows.

Popular sites such as Gumtree, Twitter and secondary ticketing sites like Seatwave have been distributing the dodgy tickets.

Drake has been performing at London’s famous O2 Arena throughout this week.

An event spokesperson said fans had been scammed by touts despite “a number of procedures in place to protect customers”.

A statement from the venue said: “The Commercial Protection Unit (CPU) team are onsite at events we identify as at risk of fraudulent activity and they assist all victims of ticket fraud.

“Our CPU team draws on its extensive experience in the field to monitor a range of websites looking for suspicious purchase trends and behaviour.

“The team also go through the list of buyers in advance to cancel tickets of any known touts; these tickets are then made available for public sale to ensure genuine fans get in to the show.”

Beyonce was involved in a similar scandal in the UK last month. The star’s shows in Manchester were targeted by counterfeiters and 140 fans were rejected at the venue doors.

Fans are demanding justice after it was revealed that UK police, to date, have never held an investigation on the issue. UK authorities refuse to regard ticket fraud as a priority crime.

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By Justin Sanchez

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