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Exclusive: AMC’s Freakshow Introduces New Member Jessa, The Bearded Lady


Exclusive: AMC’s Freakshow Introduces New Member Jessa, The Bearded Lady

“Freakshow” lives up to the title of AMC’s “strangest night on TV” and it’s about to get even stranger with the introduction of Jessa. Jessa, a new member of the Venice Beach Freakshow, is The Bearded Lady, a classic character in the world of sideshows. But there’s more to her than just her beard. Watch the exclusive video featuring Jessa and how she lures people into the Freakshow below the post.

New to “Freakshow” and need some sort of background on what you could be getting into? Here’s more information:

Season two of ‘Freakshow’ continues to explore the lives of Todd Ray and his Freakshow family, but delves deeper than just inside the doors of their Venice Beach business. The new season will covermthe scouting of new talent, and cameras will take viewers inside the personal lives of Morgue, Asia and others, documenting their real, everyday struggles of balancing life, love and the ‘Freakshow.’

Make sure to watch the upcoming episode of “Freakshow” Tuesday, May 6 at 10 p.m. ET on AMC to see more of Jessa and her strange and outrageous compatriots. If you’ve watched “Freakshow,” what do you think about the show thus far? What’s been your favorite episode? Talk about it in the comments section below!


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