Title: Don Peyote

Directed by: Michael Canzoniero, Dan Fogler

Starring: Dan Fogler, Anne Hathaway, Wallace Shawn, Jay Baruchel, Josh Duhamel, Topher Grace, Annabella Sciorra

Running time: 98 minutes, Unrated, in theaters May 16th

A 32 year old graphic novelist/stoner Warren Allman (Dan Fogler) on his way to his birthday party gets accosted by a sweaty homeless man toting a “the end is near” sign which makes him trip balls and have dreams of the apocalypse. He becomes a conspiracy theorist, obsessed with doomsday nut and decides to create a documentary about it.  He interacts with his therapist (Wallace Shawn), a drug dealer (Jay Baruchel) and a homeless hippie (Josh Duhamel) who wants to introduce a hallucinogenic into the water supply. How long will his baby crazy fiance put up with Warren’s madness and will the wedding still go on?

The good: Anne Hathaway has a cameo as an IRS Agent/Assassin. Who doesn’t like to see her kick ass in a short black trench coat?

The bad: Holy crap who funded this turd? It’s a wannabe Fear and Loathing but neither clever or amusing. I can’t count how often I just tuned out while this was going.  The dream/tripping sequences were cheap 80’s style music video cinematography, and the obvious ad-libbed dialogue was awkward. It seemed as if Fogler and Canzoniero went on a mescaline bender and wrote whatever came to mind. Let’s throw a random musical dance number in there, it’ll make total sense. How about an orgy? Why not? I love titties. Ugh.

It was frustrating, boring and not at all funny. I like Dan Fogler, but I could never recommend this to any of his fans. The plot sounded interesting and “could be funny” but no…just no. Run away. Kill it with fire.  I obviously didn’t get it. It wasn’t made for someone like me in mind. Maybe Fogler and his cohort Michael Canzoniero made this film for their little circle of friends, but this is a private joke that should’ve stayed private.

Total Rating: F

Reviewed by: JM Willis

Don Peyote Movie

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