Timeless Television is available for free viewing on FilmOn. This is one of FilmOn’s newest channels focusing on classic and rare television. Timeless Television brings back popular television shows from the ’50s and ’60s for new audiences. As its description states, “Timeless Television is for people who miss the classic television from years gone by.”

One of the shows you can view is “Climax”. This is one of the more unique shows on Timeless Television. “Climax! is an American anthology series that aired on CBS from 1954 to 1958,” states its synopsis. “The series was hosted by William Lundigan and later co-hosted by Mary Costa.”

You can watch Timeless Television right here, below the post. Or, if you want to see what else FilmOn has, you can watch Timeless Television on its FilmOn page.

FilmOn has many other channels focusing on retro television like “Bonanza,” “The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet,” “The Adventures of Robin Hood” and other classic television shows. FilmOn has other channels focusing on national and international news, entertainment news and gossip, religion and spirituality, gaming, cars, lifestyle tips and hobbies, interactive shows and much more. You can watch FilmOn for free in SD or, for a low monthly subscription, in HD with added DVR recording space.

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Timeless Television FilmOn screencap

By Monique Jones

Monique Jones blogs about race and culture in entertainment, particularly movies and television. You can read her articles at Racialicious, and her new site, COLOR . You can also listen to her new podcast, What would Monique Say.

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