Artist: The Lost Poets

Album: Insubordia

Production: Alex Holmberg MFG Studios and The Lost Poets

Pushing your limits to fulfill your desire to improve your lifestyle and achieve your goals can often be a dark experience for many people, no matter what their background is or how they previously lived their life. While there are many different approaches to how people can change their harrowing situations, the Stockholm-based rock band, The Lost Poets, drew on confidently heavy and deep ideas to infuse into the songs on their new debut EP, ‘Insubordia.’ Drawing on such influences as Queens of the Stone Age, David Bowie and Soundgarden, the Swedish metal band enthrallingly combined soulful and acoustic vocals and instrumentals with the signature heavy and dark approach that powerfully drives the genre.

The Lost Poets, which features vocalist and guitarist David Rosengren and drummer and bassist Petter Ossian Strömberg, start ‘Insubordia’ with one of its strongest songs, ‘Ode to K.’ The track, which was written by the singer and is the album’s lead single and music video, features a classic rock guitar introduction that powerfully leads into Rosengren’s captivating voice. ‘Ode to K,’ which gracefully emulates the signature sound of Pearl Jam, chronicles a man who sells his soul to the devil, and ponders how drastically his soul has changed since he died. After looking back at the happier times, and paying homage to the love of his life for trying to help him, captivatingly suggests how people often don’t realize how detrimental it is to improve themselves until it’s too late.

‘Ode to K’ intriguingly gives way to the darker song, ‘Lying Down,’ which features musical versatility with their unique sound of enthralling banjo-inspired guitars, force kick drums and raspy and gritty vocals. Rosengren once again powerfully warns listeners throughout the song to be careful what they wish for, as it’s often times to rectify the serious repercussions of their mistakes.

The most interesting and creative song on ‘the EP is ‘Die to Live,’ which Rosengren and Strömberg wrote together. The track inspiringly starts off with soulful and relaxed guitars, which leads into the vocalist singing about being tired of fighting, and searching for a way to save his soul. But almost halfway through the song, it surprisingly infuses into harder rock instrumentals and vocals, proving that a totally unexpected change in life is indeed possible. ‘Die to Live’ welcomingly becomes an angry acoustic ballad that ponders the best way a person should live their life, and how their choices will influence the way others will view them.

‘Insubordia’ is a powerful, gripping and soulful exploration into how people should live their life, and how their actions will not only impact their relationships with the people around them, but also how they view themselves. Rosengren and Strömberg captivatingly infused the hard rock-metal genre with their pulsating drums, guitars and vocals that intriguingly mixed with their insightful pondering on how their actions could have so intensely changed their lives. The Lost Poets proved its a powerhouse, influential rock and blues group with its intriguing, ponderous and life affirming vocals and instrumentals throughout its debut EP.

For more information on The Lost Poets, visit its official website, as well as its Facebook and Twitter pages. Listen to ‘Insubordia’ in full, and watch the video for ‘Ode to K,’ below.

Ode to K – The Lost Poets from The Lost Poets on Vimeo.

The Lost Poets' Insubordia Album Review

Written by: Karen Benardello

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