Five-time Grammy nominee Akon will headlined the Peace One Day concert at the international airport at Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo Sept. 21. FilmOn’s will stream the concert to viewers worldwide for free. Even though the service is free, you will still be able to donate to Peace One Day through’s “tip” function.

Alki David discussed why he’s adamant about giving back through “This easy way to donate is a big part of why I built ETV,” said David in a statement. “We’re developing culture of openness, respect and giving–in contrast to existing corporate pay-per-view systems.”

“Peace One Day is one of the most inspiring projects in the world today, and Akon–who has true global credibility–is the best possible artist to celebrate this cause,” David continued. “And it’s exactly why I created ETV–to bring people around the world together, leveraging FilmOn Network’s 40 million monthly users, interacting with the artists they love and raising money for both creative and charitable projects that make a difference.”

The event was set to bring 50,000 people together and featured, along with Akon, Jude Law, African musicians Dety Darba, Lexxus Legal, Mzee Mbukulu, Sango’a and Ayden as the event’s host. Tune in at 12 p.m. in the UK and 7 a.m. ET in the US. All tips donated went to Peace One Day. At the concert, Law said “I see myself as a storyteller. And one of the reasons I am here and all these camera crews are here is to tell the world about you.” Akon told the crowd to ask themselves one important question. “I want you all to ask yourself, ‘Who am I making peace with today?'”

Peace One Day was developed by British actor Jeremy Gilley, who is working with UNICEF, United Nations and other organizations to create Peace One Day as a universal cease fire day. Peace One Day has worked in the past with Afghanistan, in which even the Taliban was on board. allows for anyone–artists, small businesses, etc.–to create their own online events and monetize them without any software or equipment. All a person needs is a webcam and a laptop. Those who use it gets to keep 80 percent of the viewer fees and 100 percent of the tips.

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Peace One Day

By Monique Jones

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