The Halloween season may be over, but that doesn’t mean dedicated horror fans won’t indulge on watching more movies from their favorite genre. There’s normally a multitude of films leaning towards the horror persuasion that flood Video On Demand, DVD/Blu-ray and theaters around this time of year. How could anybody manage to pick just one movie to watch, especially if a lot of them are still the same old recycled stories? Thankfully there is one that does stand out above the rest for it’s unique filmmaking style, and that’s Jeff Chan’s ‘Grace: The Possession.’

The latest horror possession movie centers on the sweet, innocent Catholic girl whose first stint in college exposes her to a world of sin. She tries her best to keep away from living a more debauchery-filled life, but then something strange begins to happen inside her. When a demonic force begins to take ahold, it’s up to a couple priests to try and subdue it before it destroys her inside and out. got the chance to sit down and speak with co-writer/director Jeff Chan and actor Joel David Moore about the intriguing process of making ‘Grace: The Possession.’ Watch the two part video interview below.

‘Grace: The Possession’ interview part 1:

Jeff Chan/Joel David Moore Interview (First Half)

‘Grace: The Possession’ interview part 2:

Jeff Chan/Joel David Moore Interview (Second Half)

‘Grace: The Possession’ is out on VOD now.

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