Things are looking up for the AMC these days. After buying a stake in BBC America, the network behind Breaking Bad and Man Men have secured ‘The Night Manager’. In high demand, the limited series will star House’s Hugh Laurie, who should be right at home working on a television production, and Tom Hiddleston whose work has mainly been in big screen features such as Thor and The Avengers. The series is an adaptation of the 1993 novel written by John le Carre of the same title.

The story follows the main character Jonathan Pine, a British soldier who finds himself undercover for the British intelligence after he gets involved with French-Arab woman who turns up dead. Hanna’s David Farr has signed to write the screenplay. AMC plans to collaborate with BBC on ‘The Night Manager’. The series will air as a mini-series with a release date not yet revealed. Meanwhile, Laurie will also be juggling 2015’s ‘Tomorrowland’ while Hiddleston is attached to Guillermo del Toro’s Crimson Peak.

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