Artist: Anne-Simone

Album: Bittersweet

Album Co-produced By: Steve Fisk and Anne-Simone

Passionately contemplating the true emotions of the one person who has long known you the best is a continuous struggle many people face as they strive to determine where their relationship is truly headed. Versatile musician Anne-Simone, a Seattle resident who co-produced her upcoming debut album, ‘Bittersweet,’ enthrallingly expressed her relatable and gripping exploration of heartbreak in the album’s six songs. On the record, which is set to be released on January 11, 2015, the singer-songwriter engagingly revealed her most venerable feelings of not entirely knowing where she stands with the person she so devotedly loves.

Simone, who’s also an instrumentalist who mainly utilizes the romanticism of the keyboard to emphasize her desire to reconnect with the man she loves, intriguingly draws on various musical inspirations that range from classical to modern genres. The uplifting and resilient electro-pop instrumentals the musician creatively infuses into her unique songs are instantly recognizable in ‘Digitize Me,’ the first track on ‘Bittersweet.’ The electronic-driven intro alluringly gives way to the singer’s powerful proclamation that she wants to make the person she loves her top priority, as he always makes her happy when she’s sad. The up-beat singing and lyrics emphasize how Simone has faith her love will help make her relationship last.

The electronic-fueled ‘Digitize Me’ riveting leads into the slower, piano-driven ‘Gone So Long,’ which thrives on a more harrowing exploration of a romantic relationship that hasn’t fully succeeded. Simone feels the person she loves is drifting away, and passionately expresses that she wants him to find his way back home to her. The singer intensely asks the person she loves not to give up on her, even after they’ve been separated for so long, as she feels their love will reunite them.

After the album’s next track, the enthralling ‘Let The Heart,’ during which Simone captivating asks the person she loves to truly appreciate and understand her, the second half of ‘Bittersweet’ is much more soulful and heartfelt. During the title track, the singer showcases a more harrowing sound in her voice, as she wonders if the person she loves is still proud of her. She mourns the fact that she didn’t properly get to say goodbye to him, as she wonders if he found the dreams he was longing for. The musician reveals it’s bittersweet to think he may have found what he truly wanted in life, even though it didn’t include her.

The gripping title track leads into the soothing and endearing ‘Unsaid,’ the best song on the album. The singer soulfully explains on how she feels emotionally exposed when she’s around the person she loves. She explains how she has so many sincere intentions and thoughts she wants to reveal to him, but is captivatingly left speechless when she sees him. Even as they contemplate their future together, they both intuitively recognize their love for each other, and know they would succeed if they really tried to make their relationship work.

The last emotionally gripping song on ‘Bittersweet’ is the powerfully revealing ‘Fire Rainbow.’ It enthralling explores the doubts people regularly contend with once they do embark on a romantic relationship. Even though they recognize how precious and rare their relationship is, they understand they’ll continuously face situations in which they don’t always agree.

Truly understanding and embracing the emotional complexities that people often face as they try to navigate romantic relationships is the enthralling and powerful message in Simone’s powerful debut album, ‘Bittersweet.’ The singer-songwriter not only infused the gripping and relatable vulnerabilities people often contend with as they strive to work on their relationships, but also the need to prove to the person she loves how strongly she feels for them. Along with her intrugingly versatile electro- and indie pop instrumentals, Simone is poised to become recognized for her tantalizingly emotional music.

For more information on Simone and ‘Bittersweet,’ visit the musician’s official website. Watch the music video for, and listen to, ‘Digitize Me,’ the lead single from ‘Bittersweet,’ below.

Digitize Me – Anne-Simone from Kinetic Songs on Vimeo.

Anne-Simone's Bittersweet Album Review

Written by: Karen Benardello

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