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Seth Rogen Thanks Fans for Watching The Interview


Seth Rogen Thanks Fans for Watching The Interview

After a long and winding road, “The Interview,” starring James Franco and Seth Rogen, is finaly in theaters as well as online. The comedy, about a television interviewer who gets the chance to profile Kim Jong Un (and has a shot at assassinating him), has been at the center of the biggest hacking crime to rock Hollywood yet.

At the risk of putting innocent theater-goers at risk of any theatrical attacks (as alluded to by the hackers themselves), Sony had originally decided to cancel the film’s release. But even that announcement was fraught with dissenting opinions from President Barack Obama, who said Sony should have spoken to him concerning America’s threat intelligence, down to individual theater owners, who have said they felt Sony threw them under the bus.

But, with the film now released to the public in selected theaters and through the internet, Rogen took the opportunity to celebrate. reports that the actor went to The Silent Movie Theatre in Los Angeles to thank the fans for coming out to see the film, which now means more than just fueling the film’s gross. “If it wasn’t for theaters like this and people like you, this wouldn’t be f*king happening.” He also added, “…We thought this might not happen at all…It’s super-f*king exciting.”

TMZ states that the film was played in 331 theaters. The overall theme ticket-buyers shared was supporting free-speech and a creativity.

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