Nicolas Cage fans can get excited once again, since Cage’s latest film, “Outcast,” is now in theaters and On Demand! The film, which also stars Hayden Christensen, tells the story of a strange warrior with a mysterious past who helps the children of a man who was once the Chinese Emperor take on their brother, whose goal is to kill them.

Below the post, we have a still from the movie showing Cage giving some serious emotion. There’s also a poster for the film and clips from the movie as well as a clip of Cage himself talking about the filmmaking process and acting alongside Christensen. If that’s not enough, there’s also the film’s official trailer.

“Outcast” also stars Andy On, Yifei Liu, Anoja Dias Bolt, Jawed El Berni, Ron Smoorenburg, Fernando Chien, Alaa Safi, and Byron Lawson. The film is directed by Nick Powell and written by James Dormer.

After watching the clips, what do you make of “Outcast”? Will you give it a rental? Give your opinions on the film in the comments section below.



“You Want My Blood”

“Making Of – Nic on Nick Powell”

“Making Of – Nic on Hayden”


Outcast closeup

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