Hologram USA was out to protect its technology with a lawsuit filed against 20th Century Fox over the use of a Homer Simpson hologram at San Diego Comic Con. The hologram was featured alongside Matt Groening, the creator of “The Simpsons.”

Hologram USA claimed, states Variety, that their patents to the technology had been infringed upon. According to them, Fox and Gracie Films, the production company for “The Simpsons” didn’t have a license to use the technology. Meanwhile, Fox fought for a court declaration stating that they didn’t commit patent infringement and/or that the patents were invalid. In any event, a settlement was reached, making Alki David, the CEO of Hologram USA and online streaming television service FilmOn.com, “very happy.”

“As the world leader in dynamic holographic 3D technology, Hologram USA has worked with some of the biggest names in entertainment,” David said in a statement. “We hope to add Homer Simpson and Fox to that list.”

Hologram USA, which has exclusive rights to the technology created by Musion, has become a leading force in US hologram technology and has been featured in popular entertainment like “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” Hologram USA is also working on creating a Liberace hologram show, which will headline in Las Vegas. Hologram USA has also quickly racked up a number of legal battles, including challenging the use of the Michael Jackson hologram at the 2014 Billboard Awards.

The Simpsons

By Monique Jones

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