Artist: Sir Cadian Rhythm

Album: Self-Titled EP

Produced by: Sir Cadian; Rhythm Recorded, mixed and mastered by: Nick Zinnanti of Zin Records, located in Calverton, NY

Fearlessly exposing your vulnerabilities as you struggle to contend with your conflicting emotions over your complex relationships can be a harrowing and daunting process. Striving to determine whether to overcome your fears and embrace the battles that continuously plague your intense romantic relationships, or finally release the other person from your life, as they no longer plan on making you their top priority, is the enthralling and relatable theme in the new self-titled EP from Sir Cadian Rhythm. The up-and-coming diversely distinct Long Island alternative-rock-pop-jazz group, which formed in March 2014, boldly emphasized its vocal and instrumental talents throughout the newly released album, which thrives on their personal revelations about what it truly means to love and to receive that same respect in return.

Captivatingly beginning with a grippingly intense guitar solo from band member Alex Laudani, the first track on ‘Sir Cadian Rhythm,’ titled ‘Flood of XIV,’ features singer Jack Weppler as he powerfully reveals the emotional process of allowing people in to see that he’s drowning in fear over the ending of his relationship. The singer’s sentimental insight into contending with the betrayal from the woman he loves is profoundly showcased through his heartfelt vocals, as he entrancingly chronicles how they grew apart. But the song takes a powerful and insightful turn when Weppler reveals that he’s willing to accept that the foundation of their relationship was destined to break. While he relatably hopes that his love will come to regret her decision to end the relationship, he also maturely admits that he knows his life will improve as he contends with his own emotional pain.

While the first song is the most memorable and noteworthy one on the quintet’s breakthrough EP, the group effortlessly proved their versatile talents on the more mellow and upbeat tracks, ‘Holly’s On Fire’ and ‘Ouroboros.’ The engaging swing and rock-n-roll guitar instrumentals on both entries chronicle Weppler’s more carefree approach to connecting with a woman who left an impression on him. While he was drawn to the woman he exhilaratingly sang about, he’s able to enjoy life and move on without her. While he channels such rock groups as Hoobastank and Incubus as he harrowingly describes his desire for the woman he’s drawn to, the Sir Cadian Rhythm vocalist relentlessly strives to overcome his conflicting feelings, so that he can move on with his love life.

‘Run Around Town,’ the distinct fourth song on the pop-rock band’s EP, begins with an enthralling drum-infused reflective introduction by drummer Keith Miller, which then creatively leads into Weppler powerfully pondering whether it’s worth it for him to keep moving forward in his relationship. While he courageously reveals that he’s unsure if he can fix his weariness about connections, he freely admits that he no longer wants to play games with the woman who’s struggling against him. Through his vocals that are reminiscent of the Red Hot Chili Peppers eclectic sound, Weppler infuses the song with a strong stance of knowing when to move on from a damaging relationship.

After the first four distinctly captivating songs on ‘Sir Cadian Rhythm’ enthrallingly showcases the group’s powerful, relatable and soul-searching message of knowing when to accept to move on from a daunting relationship, and when to embrace the next real relationship that’s presented, the diverse EP ends with another memorably riveting and jazz-infused track, ‘Villian Fear.’ After Matthew Carlin’s soulful keyboard introduction, the vocals captivatingly sum up the entire EP’s important message-that even though a person can chase your fears away and initially appear as a hero, that bond isn’t always meant to live forever. Despite acknowledging that he still loves the woman he has come to cherish, Weppler soulfully sings about having the strength to move past the pain of no longer being together, as she left him to save someone else.

Not only does Sir Cadian Rhythm powerfully captivates listeners’ attention through their distinct blend of rock, pop and jazz-infused guitar, drum and keyboard instrumentals, but also through Weppler’s passionate vocals that sentimentally explore contending with betrayal and the fear of moving on from an unsuccessful relationship. While the EP’s diverse songs, notably the enticing opening and closing tracks, ‘Flood of XIV’ and ‘Villian Fear,’ memorably explore the harrowing process of needing to accept that some bonds aren’t meant to last forever, the overall motivational tracks prove it’s worth it for everyone to keep moving forward as they realize the benefits of true love and loyalty.

For more information on Sir Cadian Rhythm, visit the alternative-rock-pop-jazz band’s official website, as well as its Bandcamp, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages. Listen to ‘Ouroboros’ and ‘Run Around Town’ below.

Sir Cadian Rhythm Self-Titled EP Review

Written by: Karen Benardello

By Karen Benardello

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