If you’re a regular to FilmOn’s BattleCam, then you know all about Pete Bennett. The former UK Big Brother winner became a fixture on the online social website under the pseudonym “Perfect Pete.” But now, Perfect Pete is revealing that he’s homeless after suffering from an addiction to ketamine.

Bennett revealed his living status on “The Jeremy Kyle Show,” saying that he’s sleeping on a friend’s sofa as well as the reason he became addicted to ketamine stemmed from dealing with the deaths of several friends. “When I went to get proper help for my addiction, this drug worker started to ask me about loss and I talked to him about all the friends I’d had who’d died,” he said. “I was dealing with it by taking ketamine – and not dealing with it.” Apart from suffering a relapse, Bennett is free from his addiction and hopes to make a clean go of it. Part of his new outlook includes possibly testing out his stardom in Hollywood.

One of his former “Big Brother” housemates have sounded off on Bennett’s personal tragedy. Nikki Grahame, who was in a relationship with Bennett, said to The Mirror that Bennett’s situation makes her “really sad.” She also said tat she and Bennett are “still really good friends.”

You can read more about this story at TVMix.com. Are you a fan of Bennett’s? What do you think about Bennett’s revelation? Give your opinions in the comments section below.

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By Monique Jones

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