Artist: The Unravelling; Vocals/Lyrics-Steve Moore, and Instruments/Music-Gustavo de Beauville

Single: Revolt

Production: Gustavo de Beauville

Fearlessly embarking on an emotional journey to challenge the restrictive burdens society not only places on people of certain ages, but also labels those responsibilities as the only right way to assimilate into civilization, can be a harrowing experience for anyone, no matter what their personality is like. That difficult question of whether people should undoubtedly follow society’s expectations, or raise concerns over what the proper way to approach relationships and life overall, is intriguingly explored in the new single from industrial rock group, The Unravelling.

The upcoming song from the Calgary-based band, which is titled ‘Revolt’ and is set to be released on April 25, is the first piece of soul-searching new material from instrumentalist Gustavo de Beauville and vocalist Steve Moore, after the singer bravely battled the cancer he was diagnosed with in 2011. Moore said he immediately and deeply connected to the song’s music that de Beauville sent him, which influenced him to write relatable and touching lyrics. The singer’s words powerfully focus on mustering the courage to reject the false emotions and theories that society had previously encouraged them to accept as the truth. ‘Revolt’ also smartly encourages people to embrace their continuous need for inner change as they naturally mature, particularly after surviving a life-defining and agonizing experience like Moore did.

The overall sound of ‘Revolt,’ which captivatingly begins with a signature hard rock pulsating guitar and instrumental introduction, is primarily aimed at devoted fans of metal music, which bands like Tool and Nine Inch Nails have made popular over the past couple decades. But Moore’s contemplative voice powerfully encompasses the universal pain of not perfectly fitting into society’s stereotypes and expectations. While he tries to appear content with society’s expectations of how people should approach relationships, the singer’s powerful lyrics enthrallingly emphasize that he won’t easily forget the past mistakes of the people who wronged him.

The Alberta Metal Award-winning rock band rivetingly infuses its spellbinding intensity and earnestness into its new personally revealing single, ‘Revolt.’ The Unravelling’s intriguing resourcefulness and unwillingness to compromise their beliefs powerfully exudes throughout the relatable message of their generation-defining song. Moore and de Beauville’s gratifying willingness to defy the idea that everyone must be happy within the relationships that are considered the norm in society proves that people have the right to take full control of their lives. While people do have to work to achieve their goals and happiness in their lives, ‘Revolt’ is a noteworthy reminder that not everyone has to feel content living under the influence of society’s pre-set expectations.

For more information on The Unravelling and ‘Revolt,’ visit the band’s Facebook page. Listen to the band’s new single on its Bandcamp page.

The Unravelling's Revolt Single Review

Written by: Karen Benardello

By Karen Benardello

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