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Michelle MacLauren Leaves Wonder Woman


Michelle MacLauren Leaves Wonder Woman

Unfortunately, the production of “Wonder Woman” has had a setback. The director originally attached to the film, Michelle MacLauren, has left the film.

It would seem that MacLauren left because of some quarrels between herself and Warner Bros. “Given creative differences, Warner Bros. and Michelle MacLauren have decided not to move forward with plans to develop and direct ‘Wonder Woman’ together,” said the studio in a statement.

This isn’t the first time a female filmmaker has been let go from a comic book film, for instance, as The Hollywood Reporter points out, the time Patty Jenkins left Marvel’s “Thor 2.” No one knows if MacLauren left because of true creative differences or if there’s a sexist issue at work when it comes to comic book movies, but if there is more to MacLauren’s departure than just creative differences, it shouldn’t be too surprising. The comic book industry, in general, has problems with proper inclusion and representation of women, so why wouldn’t those problems flow over into the actual movie making side?

However, if Warner Bros. knows what’s good for them, they’ll find another female director to take MacLauren’s place. There are many that could do it. The stakes are so high for “Wonder Woman” when it comes to female-centric superhero films that everything has to be right with this film. This film needs to succeed.

What do you think about this news? Who do you think could direct “Wonder Woman”? Give your opinions in the comments section below.

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