The 2010 Chilean mining disaster made national headlines, and a group of thirty-three miners were stuck in the San Jose mines for more than two months. As such when true stories of survival and triumph happen, Hollywood goes ahead and makes a film about it. Alcon Pictures was up to the task for this film, making a film called The 33 starring Antonio Banderas and directed by Patricia Riggan. The studio has released the one sheet which you can see at the top of the page.

Have to say, it’s nice to see Banderas headlining a film again. His career took something of a nose-dive after Ballistic: Ecks Vs. Server was panned and The Legend of Zorro failed to set the world on fire, although he was the best thing in the pretty mediocre The Expendables 3. While I’m not familiar with Patricia Riggen’s work, I do enjoy the thought of a female director tackling this story.

The 33 opens in North America on November 13th.


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