People often engage in friendly competition with their neighbors, but the battle often isn’t threatening as they fight to claim who’s the better family. But one family’s sinister intentions and ill will towards the other is powerfully exposed after its members are pushed beyond their seemingly friendly limit. Pollyanna McIntosh and Lee Williams harrowingly learn that lesson when their characters in their new horror film, ‘The Blood Lands,’ embark on a shockingly lethal game of cat and mouse with their new local acquaintances. Viewers can witness their increasing terror in Shockya’s new exclusive Behind-the-Scenes clip for the thriller, which was directed by Simeon Halligan and and writer Ian Fenton.

The Behind-the-Scenes clip is included in the special features section of the action-driven drama’s Blu-ray and DVD, which are set to be released tomorrow by Magnolia Home Entertainment’s Magnet Label. The clip features interview with McIntosh and Williams, as well as the filmmakers, on the set of ‘The Blood Lands,’ which will also be released digitally on VOD tomorrow.

An interview with McIntosh launches Shockya’s exclusive Behind-the-Scenes clip for ‘The Blood Lands,’ as the actress states that Sarah was an interesting character for her to take on, because she’s a lot less capable than the women she often plays. McIntosh adds that Sarah’s not prepared for the situation that she’s about to get herself into. So the performer made her voice and movements a lot lighter than usual in her other roles.

The horror thriller’s filmmakers than noted that it took them a longer time to find the actor they all could agree on to play Ed. Since they all wanted a performer who was tough to portray the character, they finally agreed to cast Williams, as he brought a unique prospective and sensitivity to the role. They also enjoyed the way he interacted with McIntosh. Williams and McIntosh are then featured in an interview together, during which the actor still had his blood make-up on his face. He joked that he had been a fan of his co-star “since I was a little boy.”

The following synopsis for ‘The Blood Lands,’ which won the Best Cinematography Award at Screamfest 2014, has been released by Magnet:

Married couple Ed (Lee Williams) and Sarah (Pollyanna McIntosh) have decided that they want to get away from their busy, stressful lives in London and move somewhere more peaceful. They believe that they’ve found the perfect place in a bucolic farmhouse in Scotland; however, their real estate agent Flo (Joanne Mitchell) informs them that the land is the site of a gruesome battle between the English and the Scottish. Despite this knowledge and Flo’s chilly demeanor, Ed and Sarah choose to purchase the farmhouse and restore the property. Initially all seems well, but on their first night they hear strange sounds in the nearby area and discover that they are not at all welcome in the area.

‘The Blood Lands’ Blu-ray and DVD includes several bonus features, including a making of, special effects and behind the scenes featurettes, as well as the thriller’s trailer. The discs will be available for the suggested retail prices of $29.98 and $26.98, respectively.

Watch Shockya’s new exclusive Behind-the-Scenes clip for ‘The Blood Lands’ below.

Lee Williams and Pollyanna McIntosh Enter The Blood Lands in Exclusive Blu-ray and DVD Special Features Clip

Written by: Karen Benardello

By Karen Benardello

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