Sometimes the only way to gain a fully intelligent understanding of how your relationships have failed to live up to your goals and potential is to embrace the perceptions of an unbiased person you barely know. That insightful glimpse into how your life has gone astray, and the best way to fix your problems, is emotionally showcased in the romantic comedy-drama, ‘Before We Go,’ which is set to be released tomorrow on Blu-ray and DVD.

The independent film, which marks the directorial debut of its lead actor, Chis Evans, enthralling shows how his caring protagonist is eager to help solve the dilemmas of Alice Eve’s complex and relatable female lead. She’s determined to make her struggling marriage work until Evans’ compassionate character shows her that people genuinely care about her dreams and feelings. Eve generously took the time recently to talk about developing her character’s struggles and journey while working with Evans as her co-star and a first-time helmer during an exclusive phone interview.

‘Before We Go’ follows lovelorn trumpet player, Nick (Evans), who’s once again spending his night performing in New York City’s Grand Central Station, in hopes of earning extra money. As he’s playing, he sees Brooke (Eve), who’s hastily running to try to catch the last train back home before the station closes for the night. In her urgency to make the train, she drops and breaks her phone, which leaves her virtually stranded, as her purse was stolen. Nick approaches her and offers to help her get home, but she dismissively turns down his offer of help.

Despite her initial rude demeanor to Nick, Brooke eventually agrees to accept his help, as she now doesn’t have enough money to buy a train ticket home. She also doesn’t have a way to contact her husband, who she reveals she doesn’t have a strong connection with anymore, as he cheated on her. Nick also divulges that he’s still interested in his ex-girlfriend, Hannah (Emma Fitzpatrick), who broke up with him six years ago, right as he was going to purpose to her. As the two end up spending the night traveling around Manhattan together, in order to find friends who could loan them money so that Brooke can go home, they grow closer. The two confront their past loves and present fears, and take control on their lives as they ponder what relationships they should pursue to achieve their happiness.

The British actress first delved into the conversation about her experience filming the romantic comedy-drama by revealing she was attracted to the role of Brooke Dalton in the romantic comedy-drama because of the way the script portrayed her life-changing journey. Once she was cast in the lead female role of ‘Before We Go,’ she “really enjoyed working with Chris. He’s a really smart guy, and he had a really clear vision of what he wanted the film to be. We had a really good time executing it.” Eve also said that there was a sense of responsibility to making this type of movie, and the first-time feature film director “handled it well. In a lot of ways, it was very collaborative.”

While ‘Before We Go’ was shot independently, Eve was able to have rehearsal time with Evans, as both her co-star and helmer, before they began filming. “We collaborated on what we thought was happening in the movie, in terms of the journey they were taking through love, and what love meant to each of them. We had extensive conversations about it, as well as the meaning of life and love, and how the characters fit together,” she divulged. “We just developed philosophies together (about the characters), and in the end, we were definitely on the same page.”

The performer also humbly embraced the intimate and independent nature of the comedy-drama’s shoot. Eve explained that while she and Evans were shooting their scenes throughout New York City, they would use “hand-held cameras with our First AD (Assistant Director, Sheri Davani). We would build this story together. So in a lot of ways, I was a very personal experience, and we would really stay in character through the night. I enjoyed (the process) a lot.”

While Eve enjoyed the experience of filming ‘Before We Go’ on location in New York City, she admitted that it was very cold during their shoot. But she didn’t let the weather deter her from embracing the movie’s shooting locations, as she revealed that she feels “New York is wonderful, and is an amazing city. Everything’s at your fingertips, which you have to love about it. I think this was the fourth or fifth movie I made in New York, and I always have an amazing experience while I’m there. Every time I’m there, I love it; it’s a great city.”

The actress then noted that her first experience of filming in New York was when she played Erin in the 2010 romantic comedy-drama sequel, ‘Sex and the City 2.’ She admitted that it was exciting that the first movie she shot in the city was the second film adaptation of the popular HBO series.

Much like starring in ‘Before We Go’ and the ‘Sex and the City’ follow-up film, Eve has appeared in roles in diverse indie and big studio movies throughout her career. The roles in both types of films “are all very different,” she admitted. “You’re part of a big machine on a big studio movie. In an independent, it’s a much smaller process and group of people.” The actress also explained that “there’s a different level of responsibility and freedom when it’s just you and the people who have become your friends on the streets of New York, versus being part of this big collaborative ship (on big studio films). But I enjoy both very much.”

Exclusive Interview: Alice Eve Talks Before We Go (Blu-ray and DVD Release)

Written by: Karen Benardello

By Karen Benardello

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