“Stand By Your Man” Move over Tupac. Here comes Tammy Wynette!! Remember the Tupac Shakur holograms from Coachella a few years ago? Hologram USA is taking that idea, only with other popular dead musicians, and bringing it to millions of music fans everywhere.

Now Hologram USA is planning to put on a concert featuring a Tammy Wynette hologram. The concert, which is due sometime in 2016, will stream on Filmon.com, which is ShockYa.com’s parent company. Hologram USA and FilmOn.com are both owned by Greek billionaire Alki David, who said.

“It’s an honour to celebrate America’s musical heritage by introducing the artistry of Tammy Wynette to new audiences. We are creating a full length show involving both songs and stories from her life and truly authentic performances.”

Wynette gave her last concert at the Grand Ole Opry, Nashville, in May 1997. She died in April 1998 at aged 55.

A few weeks ago, Hologram USA announced they will be putting on concerts with Any Kaufman and Redd Foxx as part of a new comedy tour.

Source: The Guardian


By Rudie Obias

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