With all the attention around bringing celebrities back from the dead using advanced holograms, Alki David’s Hologram USA is at the forefront of the cutting-edge technology. The company is responisble for new upcoming tours featuring departed musicians and comedians back from the grave, such as Whitney Houston, Redd Foxx, and Buddy Holly. But now, the hologram company is working with the U.S. Military for a future possible partnership.

In an interview with George I. Seffers from afcea.org, Alki David explained how Hologram USA’s technology could benefit training future troops and help fighters suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. David explained:

“Our telepresence technology can be used for various military and defense uses toward communication, but it can also be used for simulation as well as modeling. The applications are varied, but it could be extremely useful to the military.”

Currently, Hologram USA might be doing business with a defense company to develop a flight simulator. The technology company also has been in talks with an education oversight organization in California for creating characters for classroom learning with holograms.

Hologram USA does not yet have military contract, but it offers various military products. Read more about holograms and the U.S. Military at afcea.org.


By Rudie Obias

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