FilmOn acquired CinemaNow, one of the first transactional video on demand service that was launched in 1999. The video platform was owned by Best Buy, but now FilmOn will expand its reach for more and more viewers. Of the recent acquisition, FilmOn CEO Alki David said:

that the company is “excited” about the acquisition. “Our goal has always been to advance legal access to great content for the benefit of the consumer. Now we’re working with all the major studios and broadcasters to build the future of entertainment together.”

CinemaNow will stay as it is, but FilmOn will pump more content into its service, which will now be widely available as part of the pre-loaded apps on Lenovo PCs. The CinemaNow app is currently available on Roku, Chromecast, Sony’s PlayStation and Microsoft’s Xbox consoles, as well as Apple’s iOS and on a large number of smart TVs.

Donna Smith will lead CinemaNow as its president. Formerly, she was the company’s VP of new business. FilmOn Chief Strategy Officer David Goldsmith will lead the integration of the two companies’ platforms.

CinemaNow has a storied history as one of the earliest transactional services available online: founded in 1999 by a group including Cisco, Microsoft, and EchoStar.

FilmOn continues to expand with recent partnerships with boxing legend Oscar de la Hoya and its recent offerings for new channels, Crowd Angels TV and Cyber Church TV.

Source: Fierce Online Video


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