Did Charlie Sheen have his Ex-AIDS Doc beat up in Mexico to keep him quiet?

The brutal beating came during a week two news crews are filming Doctor Samir Chachoua, fueling rumors the troubled actor wants to silence the doc about the successful treatments he received

With his stunning revelation last fall that he’s HIV positive, Sheen had the potential to finally use his celebrity status for good use again by promoting safe lifestyle choices for people living with the illness. But the two-time Emmy Award-nominated actor is unsurprisingly back to his erratic behavior, as he has allegedly made another death threat in Mexico.

The implied danger wasn’t targeted toward Sheen‘s family this time, but instead against a doctor who worked with him to cure him of his potentially life-threatening virus: Samir Chachoua, a controversial doctor using revolutionary techniques that have been attacked by Dr. Oz and supported by Bill Maher on TV.

Chachoua was brutally beaten last week in the Mexican city of Zacatecas, where he currently resides. It is also the city where he treated Charlie Sheen for AIDS in 2015–when Sheen sought him out to try the techniques which have been studied by Cedars Sinai and UCLA.

According to Chachoua, Sheen’s use of traditional AIDS medicine was not getting him anywhere–in fact his liver was near failure. Chachoua brought his viral counts to zero and had Sheen on a course to be essentially cured.

Shortly afterwards Sheen turned on his medical savior — saying the techniques didn’t work on Dr. Oz‘s show. Chachoua has said Sheen mentioned lucrative offers from pharmaceutical companies he had at the time to stick with their methods.

Chachoua has been speaking out again about the Sheen incident. In the last week, two documentary crews were filming him in Mexico–one from Poland and one from the United States. As TheInquisitor.com reported:

“Dr. Chachoua claims he was taking a stroll one evening in June when one of two thugs knocked him on the back of the head and then proceeded to beat him and rob him. But midway through the attack, Dr. Chachoua says the thugs handed him the note soaked in blood with Charlie Sheen’s name mentioned throughout two pages. Chachoua actually went on to file a police report three days later on June 9, claiming that Sheen paid the thugs to attack him”

In a report he filed on June 9 with Mexican police in Zacatecas after the assault, Dr. Chachoua also noted that his assailants then hit him instead. The men reportedly were careful not to kill him, however, as they said they wouldn’t get paid if they did. They also told him that they aren’t criminals, but were just seeking justice for Sheen.

The doctor added that the two predators who approached him also took his money and phone. When Dr. Chachoua did retrieve his phone, he stated that he also saw that his attackers had sent several text messages. One of the messages even read, “Tell Charlie need another 1000.”

In a recent interview he gave to his local Mexican newspaper, Imagen de Zacatecas, Chachoua stated that he personally cured Sheen, who was almost dying of liver failure when he entered his care. The doctor added that he was then asked to say that the actor was indeed cured by the medicine, but he really received it from a much larger company. Chachoua refused to take the money the company offered to pay him, because he didn’t want to give up his credit of curing Sheen. As a result, the performer allegedly began verbally attack him, and saying that his treatment didn’t work.

Chachoua also stated in the police report that he’s demanding a full investigation into the assault, so that he can recoup the damages that occurred to him. He wants the men who allegedly attacked him to be identified and brought to justice, as well. While the doctor also stated that he fears for his life, he won’t allow Sheen to intimidate him into not working anymore. He added that he’ll continue working to save the lives of all of his patients, regardless of their economic status.

So what do you think? Is Charlie Sheen scared the truth will come out that Chachoua’s cures worked, and that Sheen took Big Pharma’s money to say otherwise?

Charlie Sheen's Former HIV Doctor Names Actor in Mexican Gang Assault
Charlie Sheen appears on ‘The Dr. Oz Show.’ Photo credit: PRNewsFoto/The Dr. Oz Show

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