Pursuing the fight to end violence against women is one of the most vital tasks global leaders can take on in modern society. Link TV host and former Air America Radio broadcaster, Laura Flanders, is one of the leading opponents against such brutality. Her determination to stop the cruelty is showcased in a special 60-minute edition of her series, ‘The Laura Flanders Show.’

The show recently featured the Bodies in Revolution panel, which brought together women human rights workers who share strategies and tactics for combating violence at the state, national and domestic level. To celebrate the dedication of the women human rights workers, Shockya is running an exclusive clip of Black Lives Matter activist Kimberlé Williams Crenshaw, who represented the U.S. during the Bodies of Revolution Panel.

‘The Laura Flanders Show Presents: Bodies of Revolution’ historically brought together victims of police violence in the U.S. with those facing the Taliban in Afghanistan and Al Qaeda in Iraq. The show premieres nationwide on Tuesday, July 19, at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Link TV (DirecTV 375 and DISH 9410), which is a national independent public satellite television network. A West Coast encore airing will also be presented on Wednesday, July 27 at 10p.m. PT.

“Bodies of Revolution is critical viewing in this moment, offering insight into the inter-connected sources of personal, national and police violence, as well as solutions to it, from women working on the front lines in some of the most dangerous places on earth,” Flanders stated while discussing the panel.

The Bodies of Revolution panel took place on December 5, 2015, and was convened by One Billion Rising and the African American Policy at the Center for Intersectionality at Columbia University in New York. The event, which was part of an annual series, was co-produced by One Billion Rising, the African American policy Forum, the Center for Intersectionality and Social Policy~Studies (CISPS) at Columbia Law School and ‘The Laura Flanders Show.’

Notable participants in the discussion included prominent Iraqi feminist Yanar Mohammed and Crenshaw, whose activism for African American rights in the U.S. has led to the online viral spread of #SayHerName and #WhyWeCantWait. Additional participants from around the world included the Philippines’ Monique Wilson, Somalia’s Fortune Adan, Palestine’s Suad Amiry, China’s Lu Pin, Colombia’s Sara Milena Ferrer Valencia, America’s Eve Ensler, Sri Lanka’s Nimmi Gowrinathan (also U.S.), India’s Thenmozhi Soundararajan (also U.S.) and Zoya representing Afghanistan. To the right of Crenshaw in the clip are Mohammed, Frances Garrett (US) and Amiry. To Crenshaw’s left is Flanders, who moderated the panel.

For more information, program schedule and Internet streaming about ‘The Laura Flanders Show Presents: Bodies of Revolution’, visit LinkTV’s official website, and well as its Twitter page. Watch Shockya’s exclusive clip from ‘The Laura Flanders Show Presents: Bodies of Revolution,’ which features Crenshaw, below.

Exclusive Women's Global Panel Clip Features Black Lives Matter Activist Kimberlé Williams Crenshaw
Laura Flanders, Host of Link TV’s ‘The Laura Flanders Show’ and Moderator of the Bodies of Revolution Panel.
(image courtesy of Link TV)

Written by: Karen Benardello

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