It’s been 20 years since audiences first encountered one of the most unexpected horror films they’d ever seen: “From Dusk Till Dawn,” a movie that begins as a breathless crime thriller and ends as a vampire-filled, blood-soaked horror film packed with action. Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino discuss the film in this brand-new clip from the nationwide 20th anniversary screenings that take place this Sunday, Nov. 6, and on Wednesday, Nov. 9.

Fathom Events and Miramax have teamed up to bring “From Dusk Till Dawn” back to theaters for these two days only, accompanied by the full version of this entirely new and never-before-seen conversation between Tarantino, Rodriguez and film critic Elvis Mitchell. Tickets to the two-day-only screening of “From Dusk Till Dawn” are available now at (check listing for local theaters) or at participating theater box offices.


By Jeff Stevens

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