Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Redbox, America’s leading destination for affordable, new release movie and video game rentals, has released its annual findings on the most romantic cities in America. The 2016 list shows strong patterns of cities that repeatedly make the top 10, including two cities making the list four times in recent years.

Does your zip code top the hot and steamy list?

The findings are based on rentals of romance and romantic comedy movies at Redbox. Some of the popular titles that got hearts fluttering last year include Me Before You, The Choice and The Perfect Match.

Perhaps a surprise, taking the top spot for the most romantic city in the U.S. is Glendive, MT, a newcomer to the rankings from previous years – knocking out last year’s tied winners, Columbus, MS and Lake Charles, LA. More cities are keeping the love alive, making the cut two or more years in a row.*

“We pulled data on romantic movie rentals from U.S. cities to discover which markets were more inclined to look for love,” said Ash Eldifrawi, Chief Marketing and Customer Experience Officer at Redbox. “The results give us light-hearted insights into where romance lives nationwide.”

Based on 2016 Redbox rentals, here is the list of the top-20 most romantic cities in the country:

1. Glendive, MT 
2. Columbus, MS (2015) 
3. Sherman, TX 
4. Fairbanks, AK  
5. Lake Charles, LA (2015)  
6. Columbia, MO (2015) 
7. Sioux Falls, SD (2010, 2011, 2015)
8. Lincoln, NE (2015)  
9. Salisbury, MD
10. Fargo, ND (2010, 2011, 2015)
11. Medford, OR (2015)
12. St. Joseph, MO
13. North Platte, NE
14. Jackson, TN
15. Santa Barbara, CA
16. Springfield, MO
17. Rapid City, SD
18. Spokane, WA
19. Sioux City, IA
20. Bend, OR

This Valentine’s Day, Redbox has a selection of movies for any romantic palate, such as Guernica, The Silent Storm, Southside With You and Bridget Jones’s Baby.

Additionally, this Valentine’s Day consumers can give their sweethearts, teachers, friends and parents the gift of movie love with Redbox eGifts, which are available for purchase at www.Redbox.com/Gifts and can be shared via email, text or Facebook.

*Cities ranked two or more times have their prior year listed in parenthesis next to their 2016 ranking.

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