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John Hickman Hello Hello Music Video Review

John Hickman Hello Hello Music Video Review

Artist: John Hickman

Video: Hello Hello

Pursuing what truly brings a person joy and happiness, who matter what obstacles may hinder their success, isn’t a luxury that everyone has in their lives. But that achievement of personal and professional fulfillment is quite satisfying if people are diligent in their quest to obtain their true happiness. That compelling attainment of gratification is powerfully showcased in singer John Hickman’s new music video for his latest song, ‘Hello Hello.’

The Dallas, Texas native believes that with the right inspiration and skill set, the pursuit of dreams can be done at any time in life, which is the powerful message that’s cheerfully conveyed in his latest tune. Driven by a soft, melodic and upbeat piano melody, the rock-driven track chronicles the musician’s desire to be with the woman he loves, no matter where she goes. He passionately expresses his desire to show her that his love for her can also continuously grow. The inspirational adult contemporary song proclaims that their shared happiness together can conquer the world.

The music video for ‘Hello Hello,’ which was artfully conceived by director Liam Morgan, follow a man and woman as they embark on a journey together. In the process, they experience the beauty the world has to offer together, one moment at a time. As the woman leaves her house, she’s magically transformed into a simple sketch, and while she follows the man she feels connected to, several things around them also magically transform. The simple, yet enthralling, metamorphosis shows how even everyday reality can become grippingly inspired by the influence of love.

The catchy visual experience that’s featured in the video is a heartwarming representation of the harmonious nature of Hickman’s tune. Their leisurely, but equally purposeful, walk through a city park shows that they help each other raise their spirit and see the positive in life. That beneficial effect they have on each other drives them to continuously look for ways to spend time together, no matter what obstacles stand in their way of achieving their goals.

Hickman, who’s now fully retired from his long-time career as an Aerospace Engineer, has felt encouraged to move to Hawaii and pursue his passion of music full-time. Since releasing his full-length debut album, ‘Remnants,’ the singer has enthrallingly incorporated a positive message into his songs, including the classic rock-driven “Hello Hello.” The stunning track and it’s equally charming video remind audiences that it’s essential to pursue gratification in all aspects of their lives, and not be afraid to seek out and follow their dreams.

For more information on Hickman, visit his official website, as well as his Facebook and Twitter pages. Watch the video for Hickman’s new song, ‘Hello Hellow,’ below.

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