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Champion martial artist Paul Mormando is pulling all the punches, as he has vowed to bring back old school action movies to cinemas. The performer, who has previously acted on such television series as ‘Double Fist’ and ‘American Sensei,’ is set to appear in one of his first feature films, the upcoming drama, ‘Bound By Debt.’ The hard hitting independent action movie has unveiled its first trailer and set of stills, which feature the film fight choreographer.

The trailer for Mormando’s martial arts movie brutalizes the screen, and proves it will sure to take down its completion, with its unique kicks, strikes and chokeholds. The trailer and clips are supporting Cinevest Interactive‘s acquisition of worldwide distribution rights to the underground film, which is set to enter the ring in December 2017.

‘Bound by Debt’ also marks the feature film writing and director debut of the martial artist’s wife, Anna Mormando. The duo also served as producers on the action movie, which is also being produced by Put Up Entertainment. In addition to Mormando, the drama also features Bobby Ciasulli, Samuel DiFiore, Michele Frantzeskos, Nikki Silva, Alexis Mormando and Freedom Williams.

In ‘Bound By Debt,’ Mormando plays Dylan James, a Mixed Martial Arts competitor who fights for the same mob that his gambling brother Robert (Ciasulli) is in debt to. While the underground fighter is estranged from his family, when he can no longer fulfill his obligations to the mob, Mob Boss Mr. Russo (DiFiore) still uses Robert’s gambling addiction and family as leverage against Dylan.

The Mixed Martial Arts competitor soon becomes driven to save and protect his brother when Mr. Russo begins using Robert’s wife, Kristen (Frantzeskos), and their two daughters, Alexis (Silva) and Nicole (Mormando), as a personal marker. The two brothers will have to reunite to save themselves and Robert’s family.

Mormando, who grew up watching his action idols, including Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris and Jean Claude Van Damme on the big screen, has said, “These days, most of the action films are ‘Transformers’ or based on super heroes. People want a hero that they can relate to,” and Mormando did just that with his character of Dylan in ‘Bound By Debt.’ The actor also promised that the action scenes in the martial arts drama “will be my best work to date, as we cast real life martial artists to fulfill the roles instead of actors.”

For more information on ‘Bound By Debt,’ visit the film’s Facebook page.

Bound By Debt Official Trailer
Bound By Debt Official Trailer

The official trailer for martial artist-turned-actor Paul Mormando's action movie, 'Bound By Debt,' which marks the feature film writing and directorial debuts of Anna Mormando.

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