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Mohamed Elachi Leads Affif Ben Badra on a Chase in 8 Assassins Exclusive Clip


Mohamed Elachi Leads Affif Ben Badra on a Chase in 8 Assassins Exclusive Clip

Mohamed Elachi in 8 Assassins

Mohamed Elachi stars in director Said C. Naciri’s action film, ‘8 Assassins.’
Photo Courtesy: Cleopatra Entertainment

An introverted criminal surprisingly may be the only remaining hope to save an isolated village from the ruling of an authoritarian leader. The reclusive fugitive is finally understanding the importance of embracing a sense of integrity, particularly when leading the fight to break free from his tyrant ruler, in the new action film, ‘8 Assassins.’ In honor of the anti-hero’s righteous revelations, Shockya is premiering an exclusive clip from the movie.

Today begins the limited theatrical release for ‘8 Assassins,’ which will also be distributed on VOD next Tuesday, September 5, by Cleopatra Entertainment. Said C. Naciri both wrote and directed the action drama, which stars Mohamed Elachi, Affif Ben Badra, Michel Quissi, Mohamen Mehdi Ouazanni and Sarah Kazemy.

The following official synopsis for the film has been released by Cleopatra Entertainment:

‘8 Assassins’ is a modern day fairy tale that follows the journey of Amir (Mohamed Elachi), an anti-social thief, who makes a living robbing banks.

Following one bank robbery that went horribly wrong, Amir steals his associates’ loot and flees to the desert, where he takes refuge in the remote village of the tyrannical Sharkan (Affif Ben Badra). To his dismay, he’s shunned and immediately sent to the jails of the Sharkan’s Kasbah. It’s here where he meets the wise and cunning Shahin (Mohamen Mehdi Ouazanni), who’s the head of the oldest and most prestigious desert tribes.

This strange encounter in the middle of nowhere between Amir, the outlaw with no virtue nor hopes of aspiring to be anything but criminal, and the revered tribal head Shahin, changes both of their lives forever. It reveals the true heroic nature hibernating within Amir that’s unleashed with a vengeance in the climactic and explosive ending!

For more information on ‘8 Assassins,’ visit the movie’s official website.

Shockya's Exclusive Clip From '8 Assassins'
Shockya's Exclusive Clip From '8 Assassins'

Shockya is premiering an exclusive clip from director Said C. Naciri 's action film, '8 Assassins,' which stars Michel Quissi and Affif Ben Badra.

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