Killing Hasselhoff Still
(L-R): Jon Lovitz and David Hasselhoff star in director Darren Grant’s comedy, ‘Killing Hasselhoff.’
Photo Credit: Universal Pictures Home Entertainment Content Group.

Ken Jeong‘s dream of ‘Killing Hasselhoff‘ in order to revive his career has once again been wiped out in Shockya’s exclusive clip from the comedy. In the clip, which is titled ‘Hoff Army,’ the comedian is humorously attacked by a devoted group of character actors, who are all relentlessly loyal to the actor. The fans, who are decked out in full ‘Baywatch’ cosplay, must defend their place in a Hasselhoff autograph line against Jeong‘s prying character. After the aggressive attitudes he receives from the fans, Jeong’s protagonist is left to reevaluate his plans of finishing David Hasselhoff’s life in the movie.

The clip is helping to promote ‘Killing Hasselhoff’s distribution on DVD and Digital HD today by Universal Pictures Home Entertainment Content Group. The bonus features that are included on the film’s home release include deleted scenes.

In addition to the title actor and Jeong, the movie also stars Jon Lovitz, Rick Fox, Howie Mandel, Kid Cudi, Rhys Darby, Jim Jefferies and The Hoff’s original ‘Baywatch’ partner in life-saving crime, Gena Lee Nolin. ‘Killing Hasselhoff’ was directed by Darren Grant, and written by Peter Hoare.

Universal Pictures Home Entertainment has released the following synopsis for ‘Killing Hasselhoff’:

What started out as a regular week quickly turns into the worst few days of his life when Chris (Jeong), a struggling nightclub owner, fails to pay back a loan shark. So he decides the only way to get the money is to kill his pick in the annual “Who Will Die This Year” celebrity death pool: David Hasselhoff. Aided by his friends Fish (Darby) and Tommy (Jefferies), Chris desperately tries everything he can to off the master of slow-motion running and claim the jackpot. But the task is not as easy as he thought, especially when your target is The Hoff!

Shockya's Exclusive Clip From Killing Hasselhoff
Shockya's Exclusive Clip From Killing Hasselhoff

Shockya is premiering an exclusive clip from director Darren Grant's comedy, 'Killing Hasselhoff,' which stars Ken Jeong and David Hasselhoff.

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