Amber Benson
Actress Amber Benson.

It’s been over fifteen years since actress Amber Benson starred as Tara Maclay on the cultural phenomenon known as Buffy the Vampire Slayer and last year’s ‘Entertainment Weekly’ reunion for the 20 th anniversary proved fans are just as dedicated now as when the show originally aired.

Since Buffy Benson has starred in numerous television shows, films and even directed a few projects. Her latest feature is the supernatural thriller House of Demons, written and directed by Patrick Meaney that follows four estranged friends who are reunited in a time-bending, haunted house that forces them to confront their deepest fears and overcome a collective trauma that has ruined their lives. In the below exclusive interview, Amber talks about her role in House of Demons, The Griddle House starring fellow Buffy alums Charisma Carpenter & Clare Kramer and the second installment of her and Sarah Kuhn’s much buzzed about Clueless comic book.

How would you sum up your latest film, House of Demons, in a sentence or two?

A strange and wild ride that will make your brain spin.

Patrick Meaney is the writer & director of House of Demons. Because he was also the writer did he want to pretty much stick to the script or was he open to outside ideas?

Patrick was super collaborative and was up to try anything – but he also made sure that he got what he wanted. It was nice to have time to play and enjoy the process – which only happens when you work with good people!

What is your favorite part of the making House of Demons?

Getting to work with my friends Dove Meir and Morgan Peter Brown. Dove was one of the stars of a short I directed called Shevenge – and Morgan is a writing buddy.

House of Demons is a pretty dark film. Do you find that roles such as Maya are more challenging for you as opposed to a light hearted comedic role?

Comedy is a zillion times harder than drama. I think comedic timing is just not something you can teach: you either have it or you don’t. Drama – and specifically in the case of Maya – is all about being emotional and open and vulnerable. You can teach those things – but making someone laugh…that’s a genetic gift.

You have directed films such as Chance and Lovers, Liars and Lunatics. Do you find that you enjoy acting or directing more?

Directing for the win!! You get to use all of your acting skills as a director. You wear lots of different hats and always have to keep a smile on your face.

On your IMDB I see you are teaming up with a few of your Buffy costars, Charisma Carpenter and Clare Kramer for the film The Griddle House.  Can you tell us a little about this project?

I play a ‘lady of the night’ with a heart of gold. That’s about all I can say – we’re supposed to keep things under wraps until they get ready to release it. But I ADORED working with Charisma and Clare – they are both incredible people on and off screen.

You must have a special bond with Charisma Carpenter & Clare Kramer because you were all part of something that was pretty iconic for a certain generation. Does working together just come pretty natural at this point?

I never worked with Charisma on Buffy – so to get to work with her on Griddle House was so much fun. She totally made me cry during one of the scenes. She’s amazing. And Clare is always the ‘mom’ on set. She makes sure everyone is taken care of and has what they need. 

You and Sarah Kuhn released a Clueless comic book last year following the beloved Cher, Dion and Thai through their senior year. Is there another installment in the works?

Yes, Sarah and I are working on Book 2 as we speak! What a joy – Sarah is one of my all time fav collaborators.

House of Demons Poster
House of Demons Poster

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